Saturday, July 25, 2009

Susan Haugh

Do not mind what is going on behind Sue, the casket is not for her. That girl has way too much life and that really pisses me off. But that is a good thing because I thought I did. Now I know I have a challenger I will will fight her to the end to to get to the top of the Way To Much Life Summit. My the best lifer win.

Susan Haugh is a robust 40 something year old, always on the move and you just can't seem to slow her down or stop her. But when she does stop, that casket might just come in handy.

My first encounter with Sue was at school at the Old Garfield School down at 18th Street. She was a grade ahead of me when I first arrived. She was a very cute freckle face girl. I didn't realize how cute she was until I saw her in Jr. Hi. Nuf said, lets move on. We wasn't really friends in school only afterward when she was married and moved into my neighborhood. I was delivering papers to the house and I didn't realize how much of a nut job she was. Always with a smile on her face and could talk your ear off. To this day I am happy and proud to call her a friend.

When I asked her if I could interview her she was reluctant about it because she didn't think she was interesting enough. But sitting there listening to how she got involved with some of the thing that are going on in Wellsville I found her quite interesting. But what really amazed me was how she did got into web design. " I was self taught", she told me. " I was able to stay up all night and study. Computers fascinated me and wanted to know how to build web site. " When my kids were in Jr. High School, I realized that they would be leaving home within a few short years and when that time came, I wanted to have something in my life that gave me a purpose. I wanted to attend college, but that wasn’t an option, so I began studying HTML on my own. My then husband worked the midnight shift and my kids were in bed, so staying up all night studying seemed like the only option".And that she did, which led to the creation of Haugh Designs. When I asked her how that was coming along, her response was 'Great". Sue has done webs for various organization in Wellsville, such as WellsvilleOhio. net, The Riverside Reunion, Wellsville Volunteer Fire Dept., and the Ally Cat Aid Brigade. And in the future there could be more site for Sue to create.

When I asked her how she became to get into computers she came up with a very interesting quote, "Don't tell me how make a hamburger, tell me how to kill the cow". What? Her idea was simple and plain. "We purchased a pc for the kids and I knew I needed to stay a step ahead of them so I could keep an eye on what they were into. I had heard horror stories about Internet predators and I wasn’t about to let something happen to one of my kids because I was too stubborn to learn something new. The more I learned, the more I wanted to know. So much so, that I began taking them apart and rebuilding them. Once I got to know how the hardware worked, I wanted to know how the software worked. This is what led to learning HTML." She show me how a web page is designed but with my limited attention span I soon forgot.

But Sue's goals were for the future and the timing couldn't have come at a better time. The the expanding growth in the area she saw a need to promote the area, which came to Sue creating WellsvilleOhio. Net. It is just an informational site. And with the possibility of BAARD coming to the area the site was well needed. "I searched Wellsville on the net", Sue said. "There was nothing available that would lead people interested in our village to the proper contact(s). For example: at Baard’s first meeting in Wellsville, people representing Coleman were in the audience. They showed a lot of interest but there were no contact numbers or information for future reference. This is when I realized an informational site for Wellsville was necessary." When I asked her about the feedback about the site she stated that she has received emails from all over the world; Italy, England and Australia to name a few. And when she does a site she likes to take a personal approach towards it, wants to know the business before starting it, which is where the whole hamburger/kill cow concept comes in.

I had ran into Sue at the floodwall exercise and from what I observed with her interacting with the firemen I was really curious and amazed. Sue was well received and they really like her and was happy to see her there. Sue takes pictures for the volunteer firemen for training purposes and anytime she goes to the department Sue is welcomed with open arms. and when there is a fire, sure enough she'll be there as well with her camera, (well, she did create there website for them).

Her husband Jeff is not to amazed about her abilities. He is really confident in her abilities. Says Jeff, " I have no problem with Sue doing this. She is one tough cookie and can take care of herself. I support her 100%." Not only is Jeff proud of her, her three kids are proud of her too.and are very encouraging of her. Sue told me that they were just completely amazed that their mom could do this on her own without a formal training. Jeff thinks that what Sue is doing is good for Wellsville, and at times does help her because they get to spend quality time together.

Somehow she seems to think she is boring. I think the opposite. Sue is quite interesting. And I found out something about her that I had no idea that she like. Her taste of music: Hip Hop. Not only Sue, but Jeff likes listening to hip hop too. Both listening to hip hop. I can see it now, Sue and Jeff rappin' about websites. Now that is funny. But I am sure they listen to other music as well, but I just can't see her dancing to T Pain and Jeff making up his own rap to Sue, "I'm In Love With A Webber (Stripper). Please people, think about it. Webber, what she designs, Jeff is in love with her. Do I have to explain it to you? Come on people.

As for her future, Sue says she has other ambitions in mind and has no plans on stopping or slowing down. Her main goal has been to bring attention to Wellsville while helping to promote these wonderful groups. Thats good, well, not good, Great. Wellsville needs more people like Sue. The day you see Susan Haugh not doing anything, take a look at the picture and what the men behind her are doing. That will be the only way she'll stop.

Thank You and Take Care

Editors note: Check out these sites that Susan Haugh created.

Her last parting word: There is one other project that I, along with a group of great people, am interested in pursuing. Although it can’t be discussed at this point, I assure you it is a project that has needed to be done for a long time. Stay tuned… =)


nickd said...

Great story Charlie. I can attest to Sue's ability. Not sure if you knew the name of my webmaster, for the restaurant. It's the one and only Susie Haugh. I get comments all the time, from all over the country, that say how nice my site looks, and how user-friendly it is. I went along time without a website, and I must say, I cannot imagine going without it now. Again, great story about a great friend. ps, look for yourself,, (not a paid advertisement,lol. :)

Diane Dinch said...

Susie, as I call her, is a totally amazing woman. I hope we see her sitting on council come January 2010!