Sunday, June 28, 2009

Floodwall Exercise

Editor's Note: The story that I was going to run, was of Gina Hampson, but due to my other computer going down, and the information that was on the hard drive, I had to change my story for this week. As soon as I get the information from the other computer, Gina's story will appear. Thank you and take care.

Saturday, June 27, 2009, the Wellsville and Highlandtown Volunteer Fire Departments did a training exercise regarding the floodwall. This is a regular training that these wonderful departments due every 2 or 3 years incase there should happen to be flooding of the Creek and the Ohio River. They started out blocking St. Rt. 45/Wells Avenue at the bridge and traffic was stopped at the McDonald's entrance. While the trucks were being placed, other fire personnel were removing the plates from the pavement for the support beams for the wall to be placed. Once the plates and the dirt were removed from the holes, the support beams, planks, bars, tarps, and other materials that were needed from the storage shed alongside the inner part of the flood wall.

I'm not going to go through this step-by-step process, but, it was a sight to see. And I was amazed on the process to which they go through in order make sure that the wall goes up and keeps our village safe from flooding. This was my very first time witnessing this event. And I can not wait to see this happen again. Anyone who has not seen this, should go and witness it but please, and I do mean please, stay out of their way. Even though this was just a training exercise, the firemen need their space to do their job quickly, efficiently, and accurately. I did my best to stay out of their way, as did the other reporters, photographers, and general bystanders. Even Channel 27 out of Youngstown, Ohio was there to do a small report, and was there for a good portion of the event.

The firemen involved should be praised for their job well done even though they took their time doing it even though it was just an exercise. It was hot, muggy, and they were sweating. But had it been an emergency they may not have taken small breaks to replenish water into their bodies. I'm pretty sure other fireman from the area would be down to help them out like Highlandtown does. The wall would go up quickly without no hesitation in an emergency situation. I am happy to say that I was in complete awe of their job. If I was allowed to assist them, I would have. It may not have been fun, but just being able to lend a hand to these men, would have been an honor.

So people of Wellsville, next time you read in the paper about the flood wall training exercise, please attend, stay out of their way, give them encouragement, and praise them for their job and a job well done.

Thank you and take care!
( This is my first attempt at loading pictures on this site. I know they are in the wrong order, something I didn't realize that would happen until it was too late. So, please forgive me if mistakes are made along the way).


Anonymous said...

Looking good Charlie!

Marta said...

I have not lived in Wellsville since 1969. I remember there being a flood in 1964. My father took me up to see the flood gate in place. I had always wondered how it went into place. Thanks so much for the pictures.

Anonymous said...

Nice job on the floodwall. More information on the floodwall can be found on the WVFD's site - That's where I got a lot of the historical facts.


August said...

Good luck to you with your blog. I hope it is a big success. Nice story!

Mr. C said...

Charlie I want to thank you for your kind words and pictures taken as we were putting up the floodwall. It was great seeing you there and talking to you. I know your heart is in Wellsville. Without the backing of our community, always voting for our levies, we would not be able to do what we do. Being a member of the volunteers for many years and working with the village fireman, it is with great pride we serve our town. You and I talk all of the time and I remember you telling me you were very happy to back to Wellsville. You are to be commended for this blog, I am sure it will be viewed by many. It is nice to see something that will only permit positive information and not trash anyone.
WVFD Fireman

Mr. C said...

Charlie I would like to thank you for your kind comments about the fire department. Without the help of our community always voting for the levies we would not be able to do what we do. I can tell you from being in the volunteers for a long time, we are very proud to serve our community and just to be part of it as well. It is great to have a site to go to and see nothing but positive information. Thank you for this blog. I know your heart is in Wellsville Charlie.
WVFD Fireman

Anonymous said...

Thanks Charlie for all of your kind comments. It is with great pleasure and pride we serve our town. Being a volunteer for many years, we know without the support of our communty, always voting for our levies, we will not be able to do what we do. It is great having you back in town and having a positive blog. Again I want to thank you for your support and coverage of putting up the floodwall.
WVFD Fireman

chabasel said...

I know who you are Mr. C, and you and the rest of the firemen are very welcome. Just being there was a site to see. It was my first time viewing the wall being put up and I do not want it to be my last.

reader said...

Morning Journal had a real big article on the floodwall exercise in on Sunday, including a story on how the flood system really was fascinating! In the lifestyles part.